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Skin changes in elderly

By June 11, 2021No Comments

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and our hormones decrease which not only causes wrinkles, but shows many other unpleasantries! I am sure you have seen these irritating changes either on yourself, or on your parents or grandparents. Here are a few of the changes that although are normal, they can be alarming:

  • Thinner skin, giving a creepy appearance
  • Drier
  • Bruises more easily
  • Heals more slowly
  • Itchy
  • Brown spots (also known as liver spots or age spots)
  • More easily irritated

Something that is not normal is skin cancer. As we age, heredity or prolonged sun exposure are all culprits for possible cancer. Pay attention to your skin and note any changes to moles or new spots that arise. Also, see the dermatologist regularly to do overall exams.

Changes to make to help with aging skin:

  • Switch from bar soap to creamy, fragrance free cleanser
  • Do not use hot water, rather use warm
  • Do not buff skin with brush or loofah, rather a soft washcloth
  • Shorten bath or showers for 10 minutes, rather than long times in the water.
  • Pat skin when getting out of the shower, rather than rubbing skin.
  • Apply a creamy, fragrance-free moisturizer to moist skin.

The aging of our skin is inevitable, but we can certainly slow it down by taking these steps.