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How to help your loved one when they go to the doctor

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As we age, many changes happen to us both mentally and physically.  Our bodies tend to slow down a bit in addition to our memory and comprehension. When we have a parent, grandparent or even an elderly friend, they may need our help with certain tasks, especially navigating doctor appointments. Below is a list of questions and important information that may help our loved one’s to navigate these appointments.

Using this checklist, may help your loved one stay organized and feel in control of their medical visits, remember, you are there for support, but let them lead.

  1. Arrange transportation for your senior. If you cannot attend the appointment, see if you can have a caregiver accompany to give your loved one peace of mind.
  2. Write out a checklist and help your loved one pack everything.

a. Insurance information

b. Picture ID

c. Co payments (some doctors require cash for the co payment, rather than a card…find out before the appointment). Have the co payment ready to go, so that your senior will not have anxiety.

d. Have a typed out list of medications. Name, dosage and frequency of medication is ideal.

e. List of allergies to medications and anything else that the senior may have adverse reactions.

f. Medical records and any type of scan or x-ray. Try to have them sent before your seniors appointment.

g. Have a list of questions written out to make sure everything is covered when visiting the doctor. It is a good idea to have another person  with your loved one if they suffer from any type of memory loss, but if this is not possible, make sure to give your senior a notepad to write down information and answers to questions.

Your loved one may insist on going alone because it makes them feel more capable. If they insist, or you cannot attend, having a list and leaving them equipped with all of the things that they need will not only help them to feel less anxiety, but it may make them feel independent and will help them to feel good about themselves.


Before leaving the appointment make sure to ask these questions or have your senior ask these questions before departing the appointment:

a. Are there are any new prescriptions or any refills, testing, labs or followup appointments needed. Make sure that the senior has instructions for anything that will be needed.

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