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How to help our seniors during COVID Christmas Season~ 8 great ideas:

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Tim Murray, with Aware Senior Care had some ideas that I have been able to borrow and
elaborate. During this time of year, elderly can have a feeling of isolation, and with the
pandemic in full swing, many seniors will feel alone, possibly depressed and feel isolated from
not only their loved ones, but their community. Here are some ideas to help them feel and stay
1. Send them a handwritten note or card. Everyone feels excited when they look through the
mail and see a card and letter! This gesture goes a long way.
2. Visit them with a grand child (via zoom or outside their window). Children bring a special
kind of love, innocence, happiness and energy to all, especially grand parents.
3. Send a movie and microwave popcorn or make some homemade movies with family and
friends to share with them. Watching a movie and having popcorn is such a dream. Bring
the senior some of their favorite movies, and add in a family/friend movie to bring some
reminiscing and fun to your special senior.
4. Play games on a smart phone together. Scrabble, words with friends? These are all free
downloads. Help your loved one to download and then play. Personally, my mom and I play
scrabble and it is so much fun!
5. Schedule video call with old friends and family members. Connecting over video calls can
be such an encouragement to seniors who are living alone and isolated, especially at this
time of the year. You may need to help them set this up, but they will then have access to
many people in their lives.
6. Offer to run errands for them. Picking up groceries, prescriptions or take out will not only
help them, but will give them something to look forward to…the drop off. Speak with them
six feet apart, to help them feel that they are connecting in the real world, not just the
world of technology.
7. Purchase a few little gifts for a “porch drop party” and surprise them. Buy a few little gifts
and surprise them by leaving them on their porch so that they can enjoy throughout the
8. Have a routine to help you stay connected. Maybe you call every Sunday, or write them a
letter each week. Try to make a plan and stick to it. Add one of the above ideas for
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Years.
Please remember that the Holidays are difficult for many people because of the isolation,
especially at this time of the year. Making a small gesture or two can make this difficult time feel
less lonely.