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Comparing Home Health Agency and Private Caregivers

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Dr. Davis discusses the merits of agency caregivers vs private caregivers.

A private care giver usually charges a lower rate than an agency. However, this comes with several trade-offs. An agency is licensed and must meet professional and ethical standards. This is essential to maintain their license in good standing with the government and to obtain good reviews with the various ratings organizations.

  1. Agency caregivers are employees of the licensed agency. In addition to salary and benefits, the agency maintains liability and workman’s comp insurance on the caregiver. The agency assumes all liability. Therefore, the client is protected from any liability or lawsuits if the caregiver hurts them self while working for the client. Conversely, with a private caregiver, the client may be liable in the event of an injury.
  2. Unlike a private caregiver, by law, agency caregivers are investigated via a criminal background check and fingerprinting. This ensures the client is not exposed to caregiver with felonies or outstanding arrest warrants.
  3. Before entering your home; agency caregivers are vetted to ensure a valid driver’s license, valid auto insurance, valid CPR and first-aid licenses, and tuberculosis clearance.
  4. Agency caregivers are supervised through onsite visits and surprise inspections. There is a quality control program in place to ensure that the client is comfortable and that all their needs are being met.
  5. Agencies are open 24 hours a day. If a caregiver is late or absent the agency is notified immediately. Agencies must have a backup plan and a backup caregiver who can fill the shift in the event of a problem.

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